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Duluth Pottery Gallery is the home to Karin Kraemer's Maiolica pottery and tiles, Luke Krisak's stoneware,

and artwork of artists in our area.  The work by all the clay artists is both functional and decorative and

represents an array of techniques. 

NOW SHOWING: Michelle Wegler, Pastels

Artist's statement


An aspect I so love about my life as an artist is being able to watch the reactions on people’s faces as they view my work. I paint to capture the images that quicken my heart, and I am always delighted when I see people respond with the wash of joy, happiness, or memories that fills them when the painting touches them.


Alberta Marana, Stacie Renné, Kristine Piasecki, and Molly Ovenden

Mary Mathews & Cheryl Dennison

Lake Superior Watercolor Society — Color