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Duluth Pottery Gallery is the home to Karin Kraemer's Maiolica pottery and tiles, Luke Krisak's stoneware, and pottery of many other local artists.  Our clay artist's work is both functional and decorative and represents an array of techniques. 


Duluth Pottery Gallery is also home to Warrior Printress Letterpress & Design cards and prints! 



Patricia Canelake | "Walking on Water" | June-August, 2024

“Walking on Water” is a series of artworks by Patricia Canelake now exhibited at Duluth Pottery, Tile & Gallery. In her art she presents figures in connection to water. Her print techniques are a combination of monotype prints, etching, and paper plate lithography. This makes each print unique and one of a kind. The figures are near the beach or on the waters and the narrative is both simple and mysterious. “Walking on Water” is a saying that implies a miraculous act but also conveys the enigmatic connection to water & the state of existence.

Patricia Canelake is influenced by the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean near The Fine Arts Work Center print studio in Provincetown Massachusetts and the water of Lake Superior in Knife River, Minnesota where she lives.


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