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Duluth Pottery Gallery is the home to Karin Kraemer's Maiolica pottery and tiles, Luke Krisak's stoneware, and pottery of many other local artists.  Our clay artist's work is both functional and decorative and represents an array of techniques. 


Duluth Pottery Gallery is also home to Warrior Printress Letterpress & Design cards and prints! 



Nelia Harper | Plein Air Painter  |  March, April, May 2024

Inspired by the masters of impressionism, the classical approach to realism, and historical painting techniques, Nelia Harper blends an impressionistic style of painting with a realistic perspective, using traditional mediums of pastel, oil, and egg tempera. 

Born in Grand Rapids, MN Nelia spent her childhood exploring the woods and living a life integrated with the ebb and flow of nature.  Later, as an adult she moved to Colorado where she began to explore the Rocky Mountains and follow an artistic path through drawing courses, self-study, studio practice, and mentorship under Deborah Paris in landscape painting and Koo Schadler in egg tempera.  Her childhood experience shapes her work, depicting an intimacy with nature that is described by collectors as peaceful, calming and serene. 

She works collaboratively with area artists to create and develop opportunities for art shows and community engagement through plein air (outdoor) paint-outs, events, and annual shows. 

Nelia recently returned to her home state of Minnesota to study with Jeffery T. Larson at the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art in Duluth, MN.  She is a member of the Pastel Society of Colorado, Plein Air Artists of Colorado and Outdoor Painters of Minnesota.


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