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Luke Krisak


Duluth Pottery, is pleased to feature the work of ceramic artist Luke Krisak. The Superior, WI-based potter begins each of his artworks with simple geometric shapes – creating wheel-thrown stoneware with clean lines and angles. His work gives reference to  Danish modern, with a hint of American retro. His work is influenced by both the beauty of our earth and the importance of the past. He appreciates the way nature makes wonderful lines, from tall slender trees to hard-edged blades of grass, and works to represent those lines in his art.


Luke’s love of clay began at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Initially assuming he would be a biologist, Luke quickly realized it wasn't his "cup of tea." In one of his earlier classes, he discovered that he truly enjoyed weaving. The ability to make a tactile yet functional object, with unlimited possibilities, drew him into art. He became hooked, and switched his focus. Luke studied and took advantage of all the studio space he could, and eventually took a ceramics class from his clay professor Jim Grittner. 


While he enjoyed weaving, Luke was captivated by the entire ceramic process – of making an object out of clay, getting it through the fire and ending up with a functional piece of art. In 2004, Luke received his Bachelor of Science in art history, and in 2006, a Master of Arts in visual arts, with an emphasis on ceramics. Since school, he has worked on as an apprentice of ceramic artist Karin Kraemer and a worker-bee at Duluth Pottery, Tile & Gallery.



You can find Luke at the gallery during business hours or you can also send him an email with questions or order requests.  


We’d love to have you drop in if you’d like to meet him and learn more about his art.

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